MovieBox APK V6.0 Download For Android 2019-

MovieBox APK Download For Android 2019


MovieBox APK- There are many apps who provide us best entertainment videos like Movies,Shows and much more. But many apps who charge for it😕but we don’t want to pay theme so how can we watch Movies Free? so I will try to provide you best app which have many features and you can watch tv shows on it free 100%. Do you know Showbox Apk? Which best free app to watch Shows Movies and Trailers etc.

Moviebox apk Download
Moviebox apk Download

But today i am not talking about showbox apk but i am talking about Moviebox Apk Which one best for Watching Movies and Shows. If your using Showbox apk from first but now days showbox apk is not working very well so moviebox apk is best Alternative of showbox apk.



Moviebox Apk Download



Moviebox Apk 2019

Moviebox is best app to watch Shows Movies many friends ask this question is movie box app is free so i will say them it’s not netflix where you have to pay. This App is 100 Free. And also people ask this question is movie box app android is legal to use? Yes this app is legal to use don’t worry use this app without any fear😊

Moviebox APK Alternatives

Best alternatives of Moviebox Apk some of them are free and others are paid so check below.

  1. Netflix (Paid)
  2. Showbox Apk Showbox Apk (Free)
  3. Hulu
  4. USTVNow (Free)
  5. Freeflix HQ

So these are some alternatives.

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Which are the best features of Moviebox. All the features of this app are best and mind blowing like watching movies shows trailers and much more everything is free yes 100% 00 rupees to pay😁 Some features given below

Daily Movie Updates

The daily movie update is one of the best feature of this app with the help of this feature you can watch new movies on daily base no need to update app they will provide you automatically new movies drama shows update on daily base yes you heard right on daily base.

Different Categories

Many other apps who provide us different categories and moviebox app is also provide use best category like Movies,Shows,Trailer and many more.

Different Resolutions

With the help of this feature you can watch your favourite movies shows on your favourite Resolution if your internet slow so you can watch on 360p otherwise 720p, 1080p and its all depend on your internet speed and you data package.

Watch and Download

If you want to watch your favourite movies or shows you can watch online and you can also download them that means you can watch offline.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

The first this apk was created for ios and now you can also download for android Thanks To Developers❤

No Payments

This app is 100% Free so you don’t need to pay any cent for this app.


As i explain you above the moviebox update daily so many varieties which come out like new movies dramas and shows.


When new shows movies come they will notified you and you never miss any show.


You can also bookmark your favorite shows and movies.

User-friendly GUI

The structure of this apk is best way to use. With best graphical design.


When you search in for your favourite movies shows and there will be a option of Filters as like youtube how much old video Duration shows or movie etc kind of filters.


If you want share your favourite movie or which movie you’re watching you can share with your friends and family members on social media network.

No Signup

This app not ask for any sign you can easily enter the app without signing up❤     

F.A.Q On MovieBox APK

Q1. How To Install MovieBox Apk?

So how to Install Moviebox Apk so first of all download it then click on apk and install the redirected to you setting>Security And they ask for Unknown Source you must click on Unknown source to enable it and go back and install It easily😊.

Q2. How To Use Moviebox Apk?

so how can you use moviebox apk so first of all download it then install it and then play it simple Wait Wait Wait!!!! something is missing when you using app like moviebox,showbox and other free apks who provide free movies shows that mean they are able to check you history and your address. Address means IP Address. so how can use it? So first f all download VPN Turbo then connect it and after that you can play your favorite movies shows after watching you can also close VPN And app too.

Q3. How do I fix MovieBox crashing just after opening?

When you open the app sometime it took long time that mean close the apk and many case we cant close it so click on middle button of your phone and then pop up come out we called him task manager and close the app and open it again after few seconds.

Q.4 Can 3G Unrestrictor function with MovieBox?

yes you can use 3G but when your VPN is Connect you use VPN Turbo for that purpose first of all open Vpn turbo connect to any country and then open the app.

Q.5 Do I need to make any form of payments?

when you using moviebox apk so you don’t need to pay any cent.

Q.6 MovieBox HD APK?

yes Moviebox APK is hd you can watch every movies shows and trailers in hd Quality

Q.7 Do I need to sign up and sign in with my login details before I can access movies?

No you don’t need to sign you can direct access movies and show in moviebox and also showbox.

Q.8 How frequently is the app updated?

Update means new things come out and many other bugs issues solve in update.

Q.9 Is MovieBox APK legal?

The app is not legal but you can still download and you can use it by using VPN method given above how to use moviebox apk read it and use it safely

Q.10 Why does MovieBox only show download?

To Enable Watch Now Button on Moviebox apk so locate that called server click on it and select another. Now you can see the both options of Download Now and Watch Now too.

Final Words

So I hope now you can download Moviebox Apk if any kind of question so you can ask in comment all FAQs I explained above. So Share this apk with you friends on social media❤     

Thanks You😍

Love You❤

Miss You💔😭

Bye Bye👐

Take Care✌💝

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